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WOW is a program dedicated to teaching the traditional outdoor skills of fishing, hunting, and shooting. Through these and other wilderness skills, women and girls learn to enjoy and respect the outdoors and understand the significance of passing these traditions on to the next generation. We are all called to be responsible stewards of our state’s natural resources.


The Vision

WOW's vision is to help women and girls access the outdoors. Confidence is often a factor in keeping people away from outdoor pursuits, but it is also a key ingredient in being comfortable in the natural world. WOW is an outdoor skills program designed especially for women and girls. And by addressing outdoor ethics, WOW's intent is to develop values equal to skills.

Our hope is that by developing a satisfying connection with nature and the knowledge and ethics to participate with a "can-do" attitude, women will share their reverence and respect for the outdoors with everyone, and especially with the children and young adults they know and influence. It is also our hope that these future generations will embrace and continue the outdoor traditions and skills passed down from their families

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The WOW Team
 2015 WOW Team (Bruce McGlenn)

The WOW Team and Interns volunteer their time, energy, enthusiasm, and hard work every year to ensure the workshops run smoothly by taking care of all the little things months in advance that you as participants don't have to worry about.  Without them, WOW would not be what it is today.
WOW Instructors

A special THANK YOU to the WOW instructors for their unconditional support, precious (volunteered) time, and limitless energy. It is with this enthusiasm that we welcome you courageous women to a unique experience in a step toward new adventure. Washington Outdoor Women - since 1998 - Introducing an Opportunity to Grow...

2015 WOW Instructor (Bruce McGlenn)

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