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This is a Partnering event for young women ages 10-15 who are accompanied by a mother, aunt or influential woman in their life. This is a One Day Sea Kayaking Workshop on June 4th, 2016 taught by Kayak Academy at Lake Sammamish State Park in Issaquah, Washington.

WOW thanks Kayak Academy for generously donating the instruction and logistics of  this workshop. Kayak Academy, celebrating its 25th year, has incomparable experience that will assure you a valuable and fun experience!

The workshop will include dry suits or wet suits and booties, kayak rental, all safety equipment, and, of course, expert instruction by Kayak Academy! Lunch will be provided by Kayak Academy.

You will learn dryland practice wet exit, paddle strokes, water wet exit and basic self-rescue, take a short water tour using your new skills, and learn how to transport your kayak. Weight restrictions: 60 lbs minimum/220 lbs maximum.


WOW created Partnering events because we believe that partnering the next generation with the current generation of outdoor women is a very effective way to introduce girls to the outdoors and instill a lifelong love of our natural world.  It is our hope that the girls in our Partnering Workshops will introduce their friends and future daughters and nieces to the outdoors ...and those ensuing generations will continue to enjoy and preserve the wilderness around them.  

Check the Registration page for availability.


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