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"Unbelievable fun and incredible [instructors] in the outdoor sports. A four star adventure for every woman!"


"Outstanding, Professional, Fun and Awesome! This was great! Redefined my love for the outdoors. A real confidence builder."


"It really builds my confidence to hear another woman say 'I do this, and you can do it, too.'"

What's involved in a WOW workshop?

Washington Outdoor Women helps women and girls develop a connection with the outdoors. Not so long ago, women were as familiar with the wilderness as their men. They, too, were hunters, gatherers, anglers, farmers, and ranchers. Only recently women have moved indoors and strayed from their roots - their connection to the natural world. WOW puts you back in touch.

Past workshop participants have called WOW “a real confidence builder” and “a wonderful mental vacation.” Another said, “It redefined my love of the outdoors.” But most have felt like this woman who was really proud that: “I did it - all by myself!” At the 2014 Weekend Workshop WOW included our next generation of outdoor enthusiast - girls 9-13. The 2015 Workshop is an adult women's event.

It's amazing how instinctive it feels to learn outdoor skills. Some simply want to satisfy their curiosity about the outdoors; others will want to pursue new skills to proficiency. In just three or four hours, you’ll understand the difference.

It is possible to leave it all behind and get lost finding yourself. You’ll be absolutely amazed at what you can do! And you'll be amazed at your girl's engaging enthusiasm. You have the potential. We offer the opportunity! 


Wow's signature fall workshop that spans from a Friday afternoon to a Sunday afternoon, offering up to 18 different courses to choose from.  Participants choose three courses to focus on and receive many extra bonuses throughout the weekend.  Click on the link below for more information and course descriptions.

          Weekend Workshop


WOW also offer a few one-day focused workshops throughout the year to drill down on particular outdoor activities.  Click on the links, below for more information.




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