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The WOW Mission

WOW is a program dedicated to teaching the traditional outdoor skills of fishing, hunting, and shooting. Through these and other wilderness skills, women and girls learn to enjoy and respect the outdoors, thereby becoming responsible stewards of our state’s natural resources.


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A special
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WOW informs, involves, empowers!
WOW teaches outdoor skills to women
and girls at hands-on workshops.


WOW is an all-volunteer, non-profit program of the Washington Wildlife Federation and is dedicated to helping women and younger generations achieve confidence and competence in outdoor skills through a series of hands-on workshops taught in informative, relevant and reassuring settings.

WOW Workshops are unforgettable experiences for all skill levels, from the enthusiastic flyfisher to the curious camper. WOW teaches practical and fun outdoor skills that will open a new world to you.

NEW IN 2014!

For the first time ever, WOW is extending its program to girls between the ages of 9-13.  We are thrilled to impart our love for outdoor skills to the next generation.  So grab your hiking boots, a daughter, granddaughter, niece or special friend, and join us in passing on and preserving outdoor traditions through fun hands-on experiences you both will enjoy.

 Partial scholarships are available to paired participants who apply and qualify, courtesy of The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

 Please join other Washington outdoor women and girls and enjoy connecting with the outdoors and each other!



WOW is an educational
outreach program of the
Washington Wildlife Federation


2013 Weekend Workshop - Camp Waskowitz    (Photo by Bruce McGlenn)
A special THANK YOU to the WOW instructors for their unconditional support, precious (volunteered) time, and limitless energy. It is with this enthusiasm that we welcome you courageous women to a unique experience in a step toward new adventure. Washington Outdoor Women - since 1998 - Introducing an Opportunity to Grow...

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