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06.10.2019 Parent Map
Girl Power Outdoors

07.07.2016 Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
Women’s workshop offers instruction on fishing, hunting, and outdoor skills

06.23.2014 The Spokesman-Review
Outdoor skills workshop set for women

11.07.2013 Not Martha (Blog)
Washington Outdoor Women’s Weekend

WOW Photos & Video

WOW Photos & Videos
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WOW Sponsor. Conservation, Stewardship, Membership Info.

WOW Sponsor. Conservation, Education, Hunting, Membership Info.

WOW Sponsor. Education, Garden for Wildlife, NatureQuest, The Great Amercian Campout, Wildlife Watch, Membership Info.

WOW Sponsor. Conservation, Sustainability, Outdoor Ethics, Membership Info.

Conservation. Membership Info. Volunteer Opportunities.

Clean up of illegal dumping and littering on public lands and waterways. Volunteer opportunities.

Conservation. Membership Info.

Conservation. Volunteer Opportunities: hikes, work parties, wildlife monitoring

Conservation. Volunteer opportunities: Hikes, work parties, wildlife monitoring

Fisheries restoration/conservation. Education. Membership Info.

Land Conservation, Trips

Conservation, Stewardship, Volunteer Opportunities

Land conservation and stewardship. Volunteer Opportunities.

Trails, Fishing, Birding, Volunteer Opportunities

Education, Trail System, Volunteer Opportunities.

Conservation, Membership Info.

Conservation. Membership Info. Volunteer opportunities. Youth activities.

Conservation. Education. Volunteer opportunities.


Clubs and Shops, Events, Membership Info.

Bow Hunting Safety and Education. Online Bowhunter Safety course for Washington State.


How to’s and hiking information. Trail search. Membership Info.

Women’s hiking gear, clothing and boot reviews. Hiking tips and etiquette.

Trails, Maps, Volunteer Opportunities, Membership Info.

Description of  trails in WA, OR, CA , NV, AZ and HI

Pacific Northwest trail information for the disabled.

Trail stats, conditions and reviews. Volunteer opportunities. Membership Info.

Over 900 trails in all 50 states, available for public use and ranging from less than a mile to 485 miles in length.

300-mile recreational loop trail loop encircling the Columbia River Gorge.
Maps/descriptions. Membership Info.

Trail maps/conditions. Membership Info.

Trail locator. Online topo maps.

Hiking with small children. Events.

WOW donor. Lightweight camping and hiking equipment.

Hiking and camping gear, guides, and inspiration.


Birding publications and events

National Audubon Society site

Links to local Washington State Audubon chapters

Annual 4-day event for counting of birds. Birding guides, tips, and a good site for kids.


Kayak reviews, Kayaking outfitters

Events. Education.

Education, Recreation, Stewardship

Competitions, Camping, Conservation

Stewardship. Trail maps. Events.

WOW instructor and donor. Lessons.  Online store.

WOW donor. River rafting trips.


Recipes. Dutch oven manufacturer.

Education. Events. Clubs. Membership Info.

Farmstead Cheese & School of the Domestic Arts


WOW Instructor. Programs focusing on earth awareness and primitive living skills

WOW Instructor. Bear, wolf & cougar education.

Environmental Education. Events.

Promoting an accurate understanding of grizzly bears and their recovery in the North Cascades Ecosystem through community education and involvement

Environmental Education, Volunteer Opportunities, Activities (Family and Women-Only)

Backpacking, day hiking, bicycling, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing education and trips.

Backpacking, day hiking, bicycling, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing education and trips.

Environmental Education classes and trips.

Family and children education. Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center.

Environmental education. Family and Summer programs.


WOW Instructor. Education. Conservation. Membership Info.

WOW donor. Lessons. Equipment. Events.

WOW donor. Conservation. Education. Membership info. Events.

List of Washington state fly fishing clubs

Promotion, education and support of women in the sport of fly fishing. Membership Info.

Connect with other women who fly-fish. Membership Info.

Clubs, Destinations

Boating and fishing education and events. Conditions and reports. Guides.

Education. Events.


Weblog dedicated to news and reviews on GPS navigation systems.

Events. Training.

Clubs, Education

Events, Cache locator. Membership info.


WOW Instructor. Awakening our innate senses through conscious hunting and gathering. Courses.

Events. Listing of clubs and ranges.

Online hunting and fishing site for women.

Website for women hunters

Links to ranges and clubs

Hunting and Instruction programs . Hunting excursions

Safety, Education, Conservation, Links to many hunting/shooting organizations

Hunting Ethics, The Orion Institute is developing programs that address: the hunter’s tradition as conservationist, hunter ethics, and the preservation of resources essential to an ethical hunting environment


Descriptions/maps of BLM recreation sites.
Who to contact to hunt/shoot on BLM land.

Maps, brochures, current conditions, passes/permits

Operating hours, fees, reservations, maps, lodging, campgrounds, trail and road conditions, brochures, things to do. Volunteer opportunities.

Reservation system for national park campgrounds, tours, wilderness permits


WOW Sponsor. Fishing/Hunting regulations and info, licensing. Wildlife science and viewing. Education

Traffic conditions. Ferry schedules. Licensing.  Maps

Maps. Trail and campground conditions.

Reservations. Information on parks. Education programs. Events. Boating Program. Winter Recreation. Volunteer Opportunities. No Child Left Inside.


Camp Long. Environmental Education. Trails. Maps.

Parks, Campgrounds, Fishing, Boating

Campgrounds, Marine Trail System, Trails, Boat Launches

Trails, Boat launches, Campgrounds

Campgrounds, Trails, Aquatic parks

Campground, Fishing, Trails,

Shooting Park

Trails, Boat launches, Shellfishing,

Clamming. Campground. Fishing. Trails.

Trails. Wildlife watching.

Trails. Wildlife viewing. Campground. Fishing

Trails. Camping.

Trails. Wildlife Watching

Trails. Fishing. Campgrounds.

Trails.Fishing. Wildlife Viewing. Gun Range.

Fishing. Boating.

Campgrounds. Trails. Fishing. Bird watching.

Campgrounds. Trails. Rifle range. Cabins. Maps.

Campgrounds. Trails. Maps

Trails, Fishing, Campgrounds

Trails, Boat Launches, Campgrounds, Marine Water Trail, Fishing, Birdwatching

Trails, Northwest Trek Wldlife Park, Nature Center

Trail Maps

Campgrounds, Trail Maps, Off Road Vehicle Park, Boat Launch, Mountain Biking Trails, Fishing, Rock Climbing

Trails. Maps. Camping.


Outdoors for All offers a variety of on-snow AND off-snow recreational activities for children and adults with disabilities.
Volunteer opportunities.


WOW Donor. Outdoor gear and clothing. Events.

WOW Donor. Outdoor clothing.

Catalog of outdoor books.

A website of groups that meet for all kinds of activities, e.g. hiking, backpacking, fishing, archery, kayaking, women only.

Where nature and black people meet.
Seattle chapter info available on Facebook.

Seattle Chapter contact info.