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Tolt MacDonald Park in Carnation – The Red Barn


18yrs and older


48 maximum



2022 Workshop Photos

June 25th brought 60 eager outdoor enthusiasts together:  participants who were looking forward to reviving or initiating their outdoor skills and WOW instructors happy to return to teaching! Both commented that this day exceeded their expectations!

The Tolt MacDonald Park was a well-received location to learn the basics of Fly fishing, Dutch oven cooking, short term Survival and Foraging for wild foods.

Dry land casting and practicing the Uni knot;  Dutch oven coal prep, tending and timing;  essentials to have with you hiking or camping, starting your own fire, and tasting wild food creations after a native plant walkabout packed the  day with relevant tips, recipes and resources. The 88 degrees didn’t deter enthusiasm or participation.  Women from 30 Washington towns ( including three islands!) and one  Arizonan shared  their  questions, their class experiences and new friendships.

The 4 station rotation format worked well, with as much hands-on time as possible. Billed as an introductory workshop, the participants vowed to practice  and expand their learned skills. They appreciated WOW’s instructors who did an amazing job in the 88 degrees with their welcoming teaching styles, motivating instruction, and good natured patience!

Take the challenge – become a Washington Outdoor Woman!

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