Our Vision

Washington women are actively engaged in the outdoors. They are connected to and caring for our state’s natural resources.

Our Mission

To teach traditional outdoor skills to women and girls, and by doing so, we prepare and encourage them to become good stewards of our natural resources.

WOW helps women and girls rediscover their outdoor instincts. By developing a deep and satisfying connection with nature, understanding outdoor ethics, and growing personal confidence, women and girls become stewards of – and advocates for – our natural resources, ensuring that wildlife and wild places in Washington State will be here for future generations to enjoy.

WOW Team

The WOW Team and Interns volunteer their time, energy, enthusiasm, and hard work every year to ensure each workshop runs smoothly. Without them, WOW would not be what it is today!

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WOW Instructors

A special THANK YOU to the WOW instructors for their unconditional support, precious (volunteered) time, and limitless energy. They are the mainstays of WOW. We enthusiastically celebrate these women, their unique teaching experiences, and the inspiring factor they bring to the WOW program.

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