Not so long ago, women were as familiar with the wilderness as men. They, too, were hunters, gathers, anglers, farmers, and ranchers. Only recently women have moved indoors and strayed from their roots – their connection to the natural world.

WOW puts women and girls back in touch with the outdoors through our uniquely applicable workshops that will enrich your spirit and boost your confidence. As a Washington Outdoor Woman you will be ready to own your next adventure…

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One Day Workshops


WOW’s one day workshops offer up to 40 participants an in-depth hands-on experience, offering 4-different skills to choose from.

Pre-WOW Workshop

Next Generation

An outdoor skill building event for young women ages 8-13 accompanied by a mother, aunt, or influential women in their life.

Waterfowling Workshop


A hands-on introduction to Waterfowling! Join other women who want to learn about the tradition, techniques, and ethics of hunting waterfowl.

Shotgun/Trap Workshop

Shotgun Workshop

Join other women for this workshop that focuses on the basics of shotgun safety, handling, and technique, with several hours for shooting clay targets.

Snowshoeing Workshop

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A learn-by-doing introduction to the popular sport of Snowshoeing. History, technique, and winter safety are taught in the snowy outdoors.

Flint Knapping Workshop


Explore this creative, ancient skill – learn which type of rocks flake best; which tools to use and when; the angle and velocity with which to strike; and the flint knapper’s code of ethics.

Shotgun/Hunter Education Workshop


Shotgun safety, mechanics, handling, shooting technique, and gun cleaning while earning your Hunter Education Certification.

Candle Making Workshop


Fun and merriment while learning the basics of using soy waxes, proper melting, dye chips, aroma, setting candles and wicks.

Fall Weekend Workshop

Weekend Workshop

WOW’s signature fall workshop spans from a Friday afternoon to a Sunday afternoon, offering up to 20 different courses to choose from.