Workshop Details




Women (18+) and
Girls (7+)


40 maximum



Each student over the age of 14 MUST purchase a WDFW fishing/shellfishing licence to participate. Women (16+) will need to purchase an Annual Shellfish/Seaweed ($17.40) and girls (15 years old) will need an Annual Combo Fishing/Shellfish ($8.05). Licenses can be purchased online or at one of the hundreds of license dealers around the state. Girls 14 and under do not need a license to harvest.

Washington’s coastal waters are full of life and waiting for discovery! Join us for an active day on the beach harvesting Manila clams, native littleneck and buttter clams, as well as Pacific oysters.

In 2020, we invite both women and girls to learn about bivalves (mollusks with hinged shells), where they live, why they are important for maintaining healthy coastal ecosystems, how to harvest them responsibly, and how to shuck those oysters correctly!

WDFW Puget Sound Intertidal Bivalve Manager – Clamzilla – will provide expert instruction on harvesting techniques, answer all your coastal questions, and share her most favorite recipes.

Grab your rubber boots, invite a daughter, granddaughter, niece or friend and sign up for an amazing experience! Adults may bring more than one girl.

The registration fee includes all instruction, a mesh bag to collect shellfish in, refreshments, and WOW swag.

Take the challenge – become a Washington Outdoor Woman!

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