Jen Syrowitz, Director

Jen is the Executive Director for the Washington Wildlife Federation – WOW’s non-profit home – and oversees the Washington Outdoor Women program. In this role, Jen is focused on her two passions – advocating on behalf of wildlife and empowering women in the outdoors. Together, these priorities are meant to cultivate an engaged community for wildlife and natural resource conservation.

Jen’s passion for wildlife and wild spaces manifested in graduate school where her hunting and field experiences brought depth to her understanding of plant and animal systems. Invested in WOW since 2011, Jen is honored to be a part of this community and shepherd the program through the coming years. Native to the Canadian Prairies, Jen has been at home in Washington State since 2010.

Ronni McGlenn, Founder

Ronni is the founder of Washington Outdoor Women. Laying the groundwork in 1997, she served as a Coordinator until 2006 when she assumed full responsibility for the program as WOW Director until 2018. Ronni’s pro-active belief in outdoor skills training for all generations continues to reinforce the WOW program’s mission. She and her family have solid Northwest roots and a strong commitment to sustainability and habitat/wildlife conservation. Ronni is the recipient of the 2011 Governor’s Recognition Award and the 2018 Karen M. Fant Founder’s Award.

Ronni Governor Award

WOW Team members are WOW Alums! The WOW Team and Interns are the stamina that facilitate the organized environment for instructors and participants at WOW events.

Denise Bartlow

Denise Bartlow

Logistics Support

Denise coordinates physical on-site logistics at weekend workshops as well as researching merchandise for WOW.

Cathy Bell

Cathy Bell

Banners and Activities

Cathy makes WOW look great with her attention to detail. She co-ordinates and preps evening and breakout craft activities.

Debbie Brisky

Debbie Brisky

Resources Coordinator

Debbie is WOW’s Yakima team member responsible for gathering statewide program material to further participants’ education.

Tiffanny Brooks

Tiffany Brooks

Strategic Planning

Tiffany is an 11 year team member and WOW Survival Instructor who advises on strategic planning for WOW’s future.

Krista Fleming


Graphics and Web Design

Krista was an adviser for WOW’s initial Pre-WOW Workshop. Through her company, Krista generously offered to create WOW’s new website.

Sharon Gregg-Ellis


Raffle and Merchandise Guru

A 11 year team member and WOW’s Kayaking workshop coordinator, Sharon is a former Backpacking, Canoeing, Kayaking and Survival Instructor who is presently teaching “Fix it in the Field.”

Lori Johnson

Lori Johnson

Ambassadors and Outreach

Lori coordinates Ambassador outreach and state agency contacts. She assists with event set-up and also teaches WOW’s Soap Making class.

Sarah Lange

Sarah Lange

“Bite of WOW” and Activities

Sarah oversees Weekend workshop evening activities, works on WOW’s Waterfowling and Pre-WOW Teams and also teaches Wilderness First Aid.

Joyce McCallum



WOW’s event host for annual Waterfowling Workshops. Facilitation, hospitality and great cooking!!

Ronni McGlenn

Ronni McGlenn

WWF Liaison and Outreach

WOW’s intrepid founder and generous leader from 1997-2018. Ronni sits on the WWF board. She spends time on logistics, publicity, and is the program’s biggest cheerleader.

Kristie Miller


Lead Logistics Coordinator

11 year team member which includes 7 years on our Waterfowling team and Shotgun workshop events, Kristie is WOW’s go-to person when it comes to organization!

Judy Updegraff

Judy Updegraff

Finances, Hospitality and Community Outreach

Judy is an 11 year Team member who handles WOW Financials, is Hospitality Lead, and spearheads WOW’s community giving initiative.

Deborah Walsh

Deborah W

SWAG Coordinator and Hospitality

Deborah is a 7 year Team member and oversees WOW outreach by organizing tabling events. She organizes participant swag and rises early to brew your morning coffee.

WOW Interns

WOW Interns are young women chosen to assist at Washington Outdoor Women workshops. They are capable communicators and hardworking volunteers with staying power!

Claire Surbeck


Lead Intern

Liaison to the WOW Team and Director: logistics assist

Caroline Surbeck



On-site assistance