WOW is proud to be part of a movement to cultivate the next generation of strong outdoor women. At Pre-WOW girls (8-13) learn alongside a loved girl-at-heart. This year we practiced setting up tents and camp stoves, shooting arrows (archery), building debris huts, and starting fires. We also refreshed our 10 essentials, made zipper pulls for our jackets, learned some primitive games that teach sensory awareness, and celebrated this weekend Rite of Passage by the bonfire.

As soon as we got home she started planning a camping trip with her dad, where she is going to lead setting up the tent and starting the fires. She is so thrilled to have these skills and can’t wait to practice them. I felt empowered by watching my daughter blossom in her confidence–this is what I wish for her as her mother. – 2019 Pre-WOW Participant