This one-day session focused on the basics of shotgun safety, handling and technique with several hours dedicated to shooting clay targets.
There is no other program in Western Washington dedicated to teaching outdoor skills to women that includes the three disciplines of hunting, fishing and shooting sports. WOW 2001 began its year with a one-day Shotgun/Clay target workshop at The Renton Gun Club in June.
Women were introduced to the basics of shotgun safety, handling, and technique. They had an opportunity for extensive target practice with over 3 hours dedicated to shooting Clays. WOW participants learned how to dismantle a shotgun and clean it properly. A short field exercise taught women to climb a log or fence; walk a trail with hikers in front and behind them and store and retrieve firearms from a vehicle- all while using safe handling procedures.
All equipment and ammunition were provided on site at the Gun Club. All instructors for WOW are WHEIA or NRA certified.

It was a fun and successful day for many who had little or no exposure to shotgun/clay targets. Participants from the workshop called it “excellent reinforcement of the classroom teaching”. 

WOW plans to hold future shooting workshops. The dates will be posted on this web site as they become known. The one-day, in-depth workshops are limited to a maximum of 10 participants due to our policy of one-to-one certified instructor per participating student.