In addition to celebrating 15 years of the WOW mission in action, this workshop was highlighted by 85% of this workshop’s participants being new to the WOW experience ! The intent of these women to make the experience personal created classes filled with enthusiasm, accomplishment and motivation.  Wet exits in kayaking, bandaging ears or paws on Emma or Bart, creating fire without matches, sore shoulders from  canoeing maneuvers, plaster casts of those cougar prints in Tracking, setting a fly on the Tolt River, building a shelter on their own, trying different tackle in Basic Fishing, making Bruise b Gone Salve, steadying that arrow to a bull’s eye in Archery, investigating gear ‘hands on’  in Big Game, tying a first ever Wooley Bugger, finally “getting it” in Map & Compass, learning those parts in Field-to-Freezer, finding out how delicious a meal in a cast iron pot can be, applying those digital tips in Outdoor Photography, mixing Calendula, Comfrey and Plantain in bees wax and olive oil to make their own Healing Salve, seeing how doing brings confidence in Backpacking, and being amazed by all of Washington’s wonderful wildlife – all of these added up to personal firsts that were enhanced by sunny warm weather.

Thanks to WOW”s outstanding instructors who facilitated all those personal firsts and to the 2012 WOW Team whose efforts made the workshop experience possible. ‘Matching Potential with Opportunity’ – 15 years and going strong….WOW !