On June 23rd, 27 outdoor enthusiasts gathered at the Tacoma Sportsmen’s Club in Puyallup, WA to spend the day learning handling shotguns!.An enthusiastic class of 16 WOWomen, eight WOW instructors and four WOW team members made for an upbeat and eager group despite the unfavorable weather! Going through a morning of instruction on shotgun safety, gun parts and their function, ammunition, firing mishaps and their reasons, eye dominance, dry firing for awareness and process, the  correct stance for live firing, rules for safe shooting and range protocol – the 16 would be shooters were ready to apply their learning on the Trap line. They began with a balloon shoot to boost their confidence and call into play the combination of aspects for  shooting a shotgun correctly and successfully.  Through rain and wind, persistence won out and women hit clay targets. And with WOW instructors at their shoulders, each shooter assessed her body position, trigger-to-eye coordination, timing and follow-through after each shot. The afternoon was spent on the line, reinforcing what had been shared in the classroom. At day’s end, everyone cleaned shotguns as women recapped their experiences on the line.
Our thanks to the Tacoma Sportsmen’s Club for the donated use of their fine facility. Congratulations to WOW’s 17th  Shotgun class for a job well done… in Northwest weather!