Events that require indoor gatherings have been suspended through 2022 due to pandemic risks. This year WOW will offer only one-day events held totally outdoors to minimize risks.

WOW offers the right skills at the right pace! Let us know which skills you’d like to learn, and we will schedule you for three (3) four-hour classes over the weekend. We provide expert instructors, all the equipment you’ll need, and the WOW “can-do” attitude. We’ll also provide plenty of take-home resources and a wealth of networking opportunities. Join other Washington Outdoor Woman in an empowering experience!

Browse Fall Workshop Course descriptions below. Then click on the Register Now button to sign up – classes fill early so don’t delay. Only classes that still have availability will be listed on the registration site.

Please note: the WOW weekend workshop is an active event and requires a good amount of physical strength and mobility. Please consider whether the physical requirements of this workshop would prevent you from enjoying this experience.

Workshop Details


Cancelled due to Covid 19.



18yrs and older


Shared cabins or bring your own tent



After the Harvest


You finally harvested some Washington shellfish, now what do you do with them? Learn to shuck oysters, clean crab, steam clams and more. Discover simple recipes that will win over the most skeptical eaters! (24 spaces)



Start out learning basic form, parts of a bow, how it works and how to shoot and score arrows. Have fun while learning correct timing, posture, and concentration. Karin Cook is a level 3 certified coach and brings years of experience to this skill. (36 spaces)



Don’t head into the backcountry without this knowledge! This course is “packed” with instruction on the latest lightweight equipment, “Leave No Trace” practices, trip planning, weather coping, and backcountry tips. Gear will be provided for you to evaluate and try on. (24 spaces)

Basic Freshwater Fishing


An indispensable course for beginning freshwater wranglers! Cover the basics of rod and reel handling, knot tying, using bait and lures, and then enjoy some casting in the pond – you might even catch a trout! A current fishing license is required. (18 spaces)

Big Game Hunting Basics

Big Game Hunting

Explore the philosophy behind hunting (particularly deer and elk) and the ethics of the hunt. Lead instructor Bruce McGlenn of the Human Nature Hunting School covers safety, preparation, planning, equipment, optics, tracking, and sound decision-making. This class addresses firearm choice and use. Bow-hunting techniques are also demonstrated. (16 spaces)

Dutch Oven Cooking

Dutch Oven Cooking

Come hungry to this class! Nothing tastes better than food prepared in a Dutch Oven. Learn the secrets to cast iron cooking, Your instructor shares tips on prep, coals, temperature and timing. Prepare and cook delicious cobblers, rolls, amazing one-pot dinners, soups and breakfast casseroles. (24 spaces)

Fire Building & Knot Tying

Fire Building

Whether your fire is for warmth, cooking, or relaxation, learn efficient fire building techniques , wood choices and safety tips. Build a fire with and without matches. Use effective knots techniques to erect a simple snow or rain shelter. (12 spaces)

Fix it in the Field


Have you had your tent fail? Straps break? By cleverly using what you already have with you, learn to make gear you break usable while still in the field. Your experienced instructor gives valuable tips on how to keep your gear from failing in the first place! (12 spaces)

Fly Fishing


New to fly fishing and casting? This class will cover the basics to give you new confidence or renew past technique – from casting and knots, to equipment and bugs. You will fish for trout in the camp’s stocked pond. A current fishing license is required. (24 spaces)

Fly Tying


Grab the line, scissors, thread bobbin, and whip finisher! Learn the art of turning fur and feathers into fishing flies. Learn how to tie a Wooly Bugger and 3-4 other popular patterns for your personal collection. Taught by an experienced fly fisher who ties her own patterns. (16 spaces)

Garden for Wildlife

Backyard Planting

Do you plant the right native plants, shrubs, and edibles for birds, butterflies and humans? Learn what they all prefer and what does best in your backyard. The wildlife will thank you! (24 spaces)

Get Roped In

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Ropes, paracord, needle and thread—how can you make the best use of these materials in the outdoors? Students will practice useful knots and braids, and use paracord to create handy lanyards and zipper pulls. (8 spaces)

Map and Compass

Map and Compass

Read a topographic map? Take a bearing with a compass? Find true north? Declination? You will learn all this and more during classroom instruction. Then test your new skills in the field to successfully navigate a course! (24 spaces)

Medicinal Plants for Trailside Use

Medicinal Plants

Learn how to identify and use our Northwest’s top ten most effective medicinal plants for common trail emergencies. Take home the beginnings of an herbal first aid kit with healing salves, an herbal tincture and medicinal teas, all which you make in class. Karen Sherwood of Earthwalk Northwest instructs. (12 spaces)

Outdoor Photography


Learn how to turn your snapshots into “WOW!” shots. Students will learn the basics of camera operation such as shutter speed, aperture, iso/image sensors, as well as composition and lighting to help bring photos to life. (24 spaces)

Soap Making

Soap Making

This form of basic soap making is an old homesteading skill. The class will teach you how to make an all-natural, cold-processed soap from scratch, using fats and essential oils. Create a batch of mild soap that cleans and nourishes without synthetic ingredients. (12 spaces)

Survival Skills


Learn techniques for short-term outdoor survival including wilderness awareness, mental and physical preparedness, shelter building, fire starting, and water purification. Update your “10 Essentials” and your mind set. (24 spaces)

Wildlife Awareness & Tracking


Do you know who is in our woods? Learn about the diverse wildlife of Washington—their behavior, how to respond in the backcountry, and how to co-exist peacefully with our wildlife friends. Track signs of animal presence on a spiked trail. (10 spaces)

Wild Edible Plants

Edible Plants

Explore the bounty of the Northwest as you learn to identify, harvest, and prepare the wild edible plants which grow here. A  trail-side walk precedes a buffet of prepared wild foods. An emphasis on safe forging and nutrition will be highlighted. Go home with a packet of some favorite wild foods recipes. (12 spaces)

Wild Women Write


Immerse yourself in the beauty and feminine force of nature writing. Explore the unique power of female outdoor writers and discuss both historical and modern styles of nature writing, including essays, poetry, and other narrative forms. Tap into your wild feminine self while we spend time out in the field observing and writing. (24 spaces)

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